Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthday Dress

This lined A-lined dress can be made in your choice of colors. The cupcake will have as many candles as your child is old. I can go up to 5 years old. I can also use this on a John John. Those first few birthdays are so special, make sure your child is dressed to impress!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Aprons can be made in adult and kid sizes. This makes a great gift for a mom and daughter, husband and wife, grandmother and grandfather. You pick the fabric. Seasonal fabric is available for Valentines, Easter, etc.


Bags can be made small to use as a purse for a child or large to use as a bag to carry all your things. You choose the fabric. Contact me and I will let you know where to view the fabric choices.

Ballet bag - lining to match tutu in embroidery and ribbon. You choose the fabrics.

Baby Blankets

Blankets can be made small or large, and made to match your bedding. This blanket is just the right size to fit comfortably over a baby in the carrier without being too bulky.